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Jack and Chloe OTP Quickies

for fans of Jack/Chloe on 24.

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Jack/Chloe OTP quickies. All pairings allowed, as long as they don't conflict with J/C.

jackandchloe is a group dedicated for what we call 'OTP quickies'.

Content that is allowed.
- OTP: Any '24' pairings that don't interfere with our one true pairing, Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian.
- Quickies: All content that can be viewed/read within about 5 minutes. This includes videos, icons, art, and short fics under 1250 words. No multi-chapter fics. Longer Jack and Chloe fics can be posted to the chlack comm.

Examples of allowed pairings.
- Jack/Chloe (of course)
- Tony/Michelle
- Bill/Karen
- Jack/Chloe/Morris -- Jack/Chloe and Chloe/Morris in the same fic, as long as it's in the spirit of the community. It can't be a fic about how Morris is better for Chloe than Jack, for example.
- Jack/Chloe/Anyone else (As long as it's in the spirit of the community as described above.)
- Anyone not Jack/Anyone not Chloe

Pairings not allowed.
- Chloe/Anyone not Jack
- Jack/Anyone not Chloe

Other rules:
1. SPOILERS - If you post a spoiler, put it behind a cut with a warning that there are spoilers. 24 is the kind of show can be totally ruined by even small spoilers. There will be *zero tollerance* for people who violate this rule. The first time you'll receive a warning, the second time, you're out of the community.

This rule includes the current episode for one week after the episode has aired. People in different time zones may view the episode after you, and UK doesn't see them for one week after. Please don't spoil it for them.

2. ICONS - Please post as many icons as you like, but if you have more than 3 in one post, use a cut.

3. IMAGES - If it's wider than 500 px or taller than 200px, use a cut.

4. VIDEOS - Videos should be 5 minutes or less. Most videos are less than this, since songs are usually under 5 minutes. However, if you have a video that's 6 or 8 minutes, it's ok to post.

5. FICS - The main content of all fan fiction posted should be within a cut. Fics should be under 1250 words. No multi-chapter fics. Teaser info should include what pairing(s) it contains.

6. TAGS - Please include your pairing in the tags for your posts to make it easier for people to find pairing-specific content.

7. MANNERS - Don't be rude. Treat people with respect. Play nice.